Styling Bold Combat Boots

Funny how different today’s look is from last week’s blog post. I guess when it comes to fashion, I have a hard time settling for a single style or type of vibe; there are so many nice looks out there to try so why limit yourself like that. I’m personally really open to trying new trends and do not get intimidated by bold looks, but not everyone’s like that. Continue reading

Statement Coat & TV shows

Hey babes, happy Monday! It was a long weekend for me as I was off from school on Friday, but after the frantic midterms, three days is no where near enough to recover. Oh well…I’ll live. I just realized how similar today’s look is to Emma Roberts’ character in Scream Queens…I’ll take a wild guess and suppose it’s the fur and the pink haha! Continue reading

Courtesy of my sister’s closet

As my parents’ 4th daughter, I have been blessed with three older sisters whose closets I can steal from whenever I want :)) I mean everyone knows that’s what sisters are made for lol. When I first saw this dress on my sis, I wasn’t too impressed with it as she styled it for the office. But then, I tried it on. And let me tell you. It looked 10 times better on me. Hahaha I’m just kidding Continue reading

Summer, Book Hunt & White Sneakers

Hey guys! School’s over and the sun’s shining. Saying that I’m happy is an understatement. I have a few projects planned out for this summer and hopefully I’ll get to them. I’m currently on the hunt for good books because summer is the only time I can genuinely enjoy reading without having to analyze every two lines and go through 5 packs of post-its, but I have the hardest time finding well written, solid and satisfying content. Continue reading

back to school and stuff

navy monochrome outfit

School officially started for me this week, but most of you lucky peeps are starting Monday so here’s how I kicked off my return to hell (just kidding kids, school’s great). So like most people, when it comes to school, comfort is a must, but personally, I also want to look somewhat put-together; it somehow motivates me during the day. To achieve great looks with little effort Continue reading

Fringes will make you want to dance

holidays all black outfit

Hey babes, hope you had a great Christmas and especially a great Boxing day. I personally prefer to sit it out since I tend to run low on patience when messy crowds are involved, so a tip of the hat to all who worked that day.

You never realize how much of a struggle blogging is until it’s freezing cold outside and you can’t find any good indoor location to take pictures, so a big s/o to my best friend for running around with me for hours and taking my pictures (love you Miru -check out her Instagram. )

New Year is almost here, so get your fancy dresses and suits out. However, if finding an outfit is a headache for you, I suggest you to Continue reading

Blue Hue

nicole benisti

Okay so apparently it’s Christmas in less than two days…how did that happen? The last few weeks went by way too fast and I’m somehow still waiting for Halloween to happen because I feel like it didn’t. But no matter how busy and preoccupied you get by school, work or the routine there’s one thing you most definitely cannot miss in Montreal, and that is the sudden drop of temperature. Next thing you know, you are on the hunt for a winter coat and boots and if you are as last minute as me then you probably spent November freezing. Continue reading