Statement Coat & TV shows

Hey babes, happy Monday! It was a long weekend for me as I was off from school on Friday, but after the frantic midterms, three days is no where near enough to recover. Oh well…I’ll live. I just realized how similar today’s look is to Emma Roberts’ character in Scream Queens…I’ll take a wild guess and suppose it’s the fur and the pink haha! Personally, even though I really like Emma Roberts and how amusingly fabulous her character’s style is, I couldn’t get through the second episode just because it was a bit too ludicrous for my liking. Speaking of TV shows, my friends and I had a girls night in on Friday and we watched the new show Dynasty on Netflix. I can’t say if I like it yet since there’s only one episode out, but one thing’s for sure; Cristal’s style is to die for. And! It’s from the creators of Gossip Girl so the expectations here are high.

About today’s outfit. Because this coat is such a statement piece, I kept the rest of my outfit casual. This way, the boldness of the coat is toned down, which makes it easier to wear on a daily basis while still looking & feeling like a diva πŸ˜‰ My top is also a key element to the look since the pink stripes perfectly emphasize on the color of the coat. Since the top, the jeans and the sneakers give off more of a laid-back vibe, I made sure to integrate some sophisticated details to tie the two styles together, like the pearls at the bottom of my jeans and a pair of slightly cat eyed sunglasses to top off the look.

Until next time,


WEARING: Coat from ZARA- top from American Eagle- Jeans from ZARA- Sneakers from Lacoste- Wristlet from OGILVY- Sunglasses from Urban Outfitters- Belt from Tommy Hilfiger





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