Fashion Week & Fall Trends

It’s one of my favorite time of the year. Fashion month!! Because this season the street style was impeccably cool I decided to make a blog post featuring all my favorite looks from New York and London Fashion Week as well as point out some of the season’s major trends. Hope you get inspired 🙂

So I think the trend that really cannot go unnoticed this fall is red. It’s everywhere and I’m not complaining because I simply love the color plus, it’s completely unexpected. You’d normally see darker or more earthy shades of it in autumn like burgundy, but this season all its shades are present.






Speaking of color, although red is this fall’s main shade, vibrant hues in general were all over the streets during NYFW and LFW. For instance, pink is very trendy at the moment as well as blue, but what I love most is how there doesn’t seem to be any rules telling you how to wear colors. As you can see from these fashionistas’ outfits, they cleverly either wore one color or different shades of it from head to toe for monochromatic looks or mixed and matched several unusual hues together as it appears to be very in at the moment as well. I personally love how fly and funky it all looks.











Another trend I was not expecting at all for this season is floral print (sometimes with oriental vibes to it) since it’s usually more present during the summer, but fashion bloggers seem to be wearing it a lot and especially on midi-dresses.






Now for my more conservative ladies, don’t worry there’s a perfect look for you too. Pantsuits are getting loads of attention everywhere and although colors were really a thing during these last fashion weeks, they’ve also got the perfect plaid grey look to suit any of your moods (pun not intended lol). What’s great about these ensembles is that they can easily be integrated in your office life but also styled for happy hour as you can see. Though for a more trendy feel, keep it oversized, especially the blazer.





Now for shoes, mid-heel boots seem to be very in, but personally, I don’t know how I feel about them yet…I’m still into the tall chunky heels type of boot. And if the weather permits it, get yourself a pair of satin heels.



As for accessories, big statement earrings definitely upgrade any look and are seen everywhere. The stranger the shape, the better; and this applies to bags and eyewear too…especially eyewear! And while we’re at it, fanny packs are back, more chic than ever.




All this can appear a bit overwhelming but remember trends come and go so the important part is to simply stay true to yourselves. They’re just trends not rules, so if something does not suit you, feel more than free to skip it. Find what looks good on you and have fun; with all the colors and shapes, it’s now easier than ever.

Enjoy the rest of fashun month,

Until next time, M.


Find pictures and sources on my Pinterest.


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