Courtesy of my sister’s closet

As my parents’ 4th daughter, I have been blessed with three older sisters whose closets I can steal from whenever I want :)) I mean everyone knows that’s what sisters are made for lol. When I first saw this dress on my sis, I wasn’t too impressed with it as she styled it for the office. But then, I tried it on. And let me tell you. It looked 10 times better on me. Hahaha I’m just kidding everything looks good on her, she could wear a garbage bag and it would look like haute couture. But anyways, great dress for the summer. My favorite thing about it: the fact that it’s a bit longer in the back, so when you sit, your legs don’t touch the seat, believe me major advantage when in public places (yes great pet peeve of mine). But other than that, I also like the ruffles on the back as they add extra cuteness to the dress and the slits on the sides, but small advice: avoid on windy days… I was anxious all day long ha ha.

Lots of love,

Until next time, M.

Dress: H&M

Wedges: MK from Browns

Sunglasses: American Eagle

Purse: DKNY


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