back to school and stuff

navy monochrome outfit

School officially started for me this week, but most of you lucky peeps are starting Monday so here’s how I kicked off my return to hell (just kidding kids, school’s great). So like most people, when it comes to school, comfort is a must, but personally, I also want to look somewhat put-together; it somehow motivates me during the day. To achieve great looks with little effort (because let’s be honest no one wants to wake up extra early just to put an outfit together), I suggest to invest in trousers since they are so easy to style. You can pair them with practically anything; t-shirt, sweater, blouse, you name it, but you’ll look polished nonetheless and give the impression that you still got your shit together even if you really don’t -we’ve all been there. So I went for a navy sweater as well just because monochrome outfits are a lot easier to pick in the morning and as for the shoes I felt like topping it all off with white sneakers. However, when it comes to trousers, you can easily go for loafers, heels and really any type of shoe depending on how you feel and what kind of style you’re going for.

until next time, M.

Sweater H&M. Trousers ZARA. Sneakers ZARA.

navy monochrome outfitnavy monochrome outfit

navy monochrome outfit

navy monochrome outfit

navy monochrome outfit


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