Blue Hue

nicole benisti

Okay so apparently it’s Christmas in less than two days…how did that happen? The last few weeks went by way too fast and I’m somehow still waiting for Halloween to happen because I feel like it didn’t. But no matter how busy and preoccupied you get by school, work or the routine there’s one thing you most definitely cannot miss in Montreal, and that is the sudden drop of temperature. Next thing you know, you are on the hunt for a winter coat and boots and if you are as last minute as me then you probably spent November freezing. But for my defense I was simply waiting to find the perfect one and I did. It’s always nice to be able to support local brands and Nicole Benisti just happens to be one. Based in Montreal, they have the trendiest styles combined with vibrant colors to bring some life to your winter look while keeping you extra warm. Mine is in the Chelsea Black-Blue model, but I personally prefer their collection for men (I wished they had the Saville Black-Black model for women also). Make sure to check out their website, you’ll love it.

Until next time, M.

nicole benisti

nicole benisti

nicole benisti

nicole benisti

nicole benisti

nicole benisit


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