Casual Black Leather

mount royal mtl

We can finally say that it is the Christmas Holidays!!! Although it does not really look like it that much, I am still super thrilled for my favorite time of the year. As I am patiently waiting for the snow to fall and stick to the ground, I am going through the lasts of my fall  wardrobe and trying to get the most out of these last few days of autumn. This outfit is simply a summary of everything that I love, but that I did not get the chance to wear enough this season. I am wearing this pair of distressed girlfriend jeans that I love for its super casual yet stylish look. I wanted to keep things simple so I wore a basic grey tee with a leather jacket over it. I was seriously debating on whether I wanted to wear sneakers or boots with this outfit and ended up going for a pair of healed black leather booties just because I can not get enough of this trend that has been going on for the last few months. As I walked past my mirror before leaving, I thought this outfit is missing something… so I ran up upstairs and got my all time favorite pair of glasses just because I wanted to feel extra cool (these Ray-Bans definitely get the job done when it comes to that 😉

See you soon. x0x0, M.


Girlfriend Jeans from H&M. T-shirt from H&M. Leather Jacket from Danier. Boots from Aldo. Sunglasses from Ray-Ban.


C’est enfin le temps des fêtes!!!! Les décorations, les chansons, les films, tout est là. Il ne manque que la neige…Le bon côté, c’est que je peux profiter de ces derniers moments pour rapidement aller au travers de ce qu’il reste de ma garde-robe automnale pour une dernière fois. Ici, je porte une paire de jeans décontractée avec un T-shirt gris très simple. Puisque ces deux morceaux rendaient ma tenue très relaxe, j’ai agencé le tout avec un manteau de cuir et des bottines à talons. J’ai réalisé, en me regardant dans la glace, tout juste avant de quitter, qu’il manquait quelque chose à ma tenue. Il ne faisait pas énormément ensoleillé, mais cette paire de lunettes était incontournable à ces habits et une de mes préférées.

À bientôt. x0x0, M.


Girlfriend Jeans de H&M. T-shirt de H&M. Manteau de cuir de Danier. Bottines de Aldo. Lunettes de soleil de Ray-Ban.


mount royal mtl

mount royal mtl

mount royal mtl


 montreal mount royal

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